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For your wedding, treat yourself to the best, and give this unique day a heavenly dimension with Blue Sky Destination Weddings Agency.

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Do you dream of a grand wedding in the South or a wedding on the beach with ease and affordability? Who does not dream? Stop dreaming and take the lead by contacting our agency! The team of experts at Mariage Sud is able to fulfill your dream at all levels. Achieving your desires is our priority.

A wedding in the south requires many preparations. This is a lot to think about before, during and even after the ceremony. All dreams are achievable. That’s why we are committed to making you realize yours, to live an ideal and unique marriage. All according to your tastes, your special requests and, of course, your budget. Our team is here for you, whether it’s designing a romantic wedding on the Caribbean’s sandy and tropical beaches or renewing your vows on a luxury cruise ship. All in the company of your friends and families. Let your imagination waken while keeping the limits of your budget. We are here to guide you through each step of this important and privileged moment for you. Contact a marriage specialist today.

Vanessa our new travel and wedding consultant will plan your dream beach wedding.


Several years ago, getting married in the south was reserved for people who were financially comfortable. Now it is possible to have a wedding at an affordable price. According to a survey conducted by the magazine Mariage Québec, on average in Canada a wedding costs $ 17,060. Interestingly, the Canadian average does not reflect the Quebec average since the French-speaking part of the country is more like $ 12,175. That’s almost $ 7,000 less for canadian and American than for the rest of Canada. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it is accessible to all financially. A good way to save on your wedding while having a dream day is to get married at your destination. Indeed, a wedding in the south can cost less than $ 5,000 for your wedding ceremony including your one-week trip to the sun! In some cases, the bride and groom get the free wedding package and sometimes even the trip. Other wedding packages start at $ 400. Obviously, everything will depend on your choices depending on the hotel or wedding package and extras you want. As a general rule, a wedding in the sun is cheaper than a wedding in Canada.

About Blue Sky Destination travel agency

Our travel agency has more than 8 years of experience. In addition, we greatly exceed the expectations of our customers. Preparing the wedding of your dreams abroad requires the help and expertise of qualified people. This is where we come in to simplify the task. With the help of your initial ideas, we will build a detailed plan to guide you through every step of your journey, from the choice of destination to the type of ceremony you will enjoy. Coordinating this event well will allow everyone to enjoy every moment of this great day and so keep the best memories when you return.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to obtain the best price possible. The mission of Mariage Sud is to find you the product best suited to your situation and your desires. All so that your wedding is a real success. We work together with reputable hotels like Barcelo Resorts, Melia Cuba International and Melia Hotels, Hard Rock All Inclusive Hotels, Iberostar Resorts, Riu Hotels, Sol Hotels, Decameron Resorts, Grand Palladium and AM Resorts for n to name a few.

With our team, it is possible to get married at your destination with ease, or extravagance if that is your desire. Give us the chance to plan your wedding in the south and ask for your quotation without delay!



This is very simple. First, you will have a scheduled meeting with the wedding planner of your hotel that was assigned to you the same day or the day after your arrival at your destination. With her as a guide, you will visit the hotel and various wedding facilities that are offered. In case you have chosen the option to have a private dinner, you will have the chance to visit the place and see the last details. For example, you can choose the location of tables and chairs or add details to your decor. It’s the same thing with private reception if you chose to have one after your dinner.??


Afterwards, your wedding coordinator will show you where your wedding ceremony will take place. This is an important moment to settle the last details. She will also show you the different possibilities in the event that rain comes as a guest at your wedding. Nothing prevents you to change the location for each event if during your visit to the different sites of the hotel you are conquered by another option than the one you have chosen. Of course, this is only possible in this case where there is availability. Finally, if you want to add extras that you did not plan at the beginning, it’s always time to do it at this time. ?? Nevertheless, 90% of the steps are done with your Southern Wedding Expert before your departure and only 10% made to destination with the wedding coordinator of the hotel on site.




First, you must book your wedding group early. The advantage is the price of cheaper travel packages, lower price protection, discounts on early bookings and freebies compared to the number of people you will be getting offered by different wholesalers or hotel chains. As a general rule, the more you are in your group, the more you will be rewarded. For example, from 11 guests or 10 reserved rooms, some hotels will offer you their basic wedding package for free.

Some wholesalers, such as Vacance Transat, Air Canada Vacations, Sunwing Vacations and Signature, will offer free rides from the 11th passenger. But beware, you will still have to pay airport travel taxes. This is still a considerable price drop. • The most important thing is to choose the hotel and the approximate date of the desired wedding the fastest. In this way, we can block your price, which will be protected from a possible price increase and we can get in touch with your hotel. Thus it will be possible to book more easily the desired date for the day of your wedding. Keep in mind that this date may not be available at the chosen hotel. The sooner you are, the easier it will be to get your choice. Also, this will give you the time required for all the different post-wedding preparations.


Finally, all you have to do is click on the submission and listing tab of Mariage Sud to complete our solicitation form. Once received, one of our counselors will respond within 24 to 72 hours.

You can contact us for questions related to your future marriage in the South by calling us today at 514-554-2820 for the people of the Montreal area, at 418-476-8278 for the people of the region. Quebec or toll-free at 1-844-535-3838. If you feel like it, visit us in person at our South Wedding Travel Agency in Longueuil. Go to the contact us section for our different email address.